Faith Lutheran Church

A Journey Continues

As a child a devout Catholic, met all the requirements: Attended Catechism; received first Communion; was Confirmed; attended Church every Sunday; didn’t eat meat on Friday; Indeed a model Catholic.

12: The priesthood was my destination.

Teens brought questions, high school, work and girls: Doubts, Questions, License with few answers and too much freedom: school and cars far more interesting than church. Did I mention girls?

18: God decided my lifestyle must end: Seizure I: Didn’t listen.

College: there was a roller coaster. In the beginning was cutting classes, drinking, ROTC, working, a pretty, special girl but little time or thought for God: just the discussion with Mike. His god was a Reece’s Peanut Butter cup nailed to his closet door. My God: No time to think about him.

He hadn’t forgotten me. He decided enough: brought a halt to my way of life: Seizure II.

20: Time for changes.

Adult: asked that special girl to marry me (Been 40 years). This was the time to establish our life, start a career and family. Finish college. Aside from the wedding, church and God still not playing big part in my life.

Then Mike (and his wife Barbara) came back into our life. God was at work, had been all along. The four of us bought a house together. I learned an astounding fact! Mike was a member of Faith Lutheran Church. Not just to please Barb, a Lutheran, but an actual active member! My friend the atheist was a Christian!

30: Became a Lutheran.

I told Madeleine, “I’ve got to check this place out.” So one Sunday in 1976 I went to church at Faith. It seemed as if I had always belonged. God had provided the place and people to help answer those long ignored questions; resolve the doubts.

62: Still have questions and doubts; still at Faith working them out.

If you are searching, your questions going ignored, unanswered, come inside. Can’t promise simple answers but I can promise you won’t be ignored. You don’t have to search alone. Come and see if Faith is where you should base your search. David